Descend deeper and deeper into the earth

Explore the dark depths of the earth, and all the secrets that it holds. From undiscovered, almost alien lifeforms, to long lost human civilizations, this cave holds more secrets than you could ever imagine.

Survive the dangers of an underground ecosystem

Though it may seem barren at first, the cave is teeming with life around every corner. Some of them may be friendly, but thanks to the extreme environment found within the caverns walls, most of them aren't looking to make friends.

Explore ruins left by a long lost civilization

You are not the first one to find this cave. Far from it. A long lost civilization once called these hallow walls home, yet now, their all gone. What could have happened to them? How can you avoid ending up like them?

Survive different weather conditions

Due to the huge size of the cave, you are able to find different climates inside. From the icy cold wasteland of the main cave, to the sprawling lava tunnels deep underground, you must adapt and overcome these challenges if you ever want to see the light of day again.

Game Features

- 6 Different Levels, each housing their own set of challenges

- Varied and difficult enemy encounters and bosses

- A whole bunch of different for you to utilise, each with their own strength and weaknesses